Circle K is both thrilled and honored to announce our new reduced emissions program, Conserve™! When you fill up with Conserve™ you’re doing more than just pumping fuel, you are helping the planet!

With our new program, you will now be able to offset your emissions by up to 30% by simply purchasing the same high-quality fuel at Circle K stores! Without doing anything differently, just pump your gas and know that every time you fill up with Circle K Conserve™, you’re helping to invest in carbon reduction projects. These significant efforts are created to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, impacting our local communities and communities across the globe.

“It’s a win-win for everybody involved,” the Circle K’s Director of Operations Scott Morris said. “It’s great for the customers at Circle K. It’s also a big win for the environment.” In fact, Circle K Conserve™ is unlike any other program! That’s because Conserve™ doesn’t require any new fuel, vehicles, hardware or equipment! Conserve™ will do the heavy lifting to automatically calculate your tailpipe emissions and invest in carbon offset projects to offset and offset tailpipe emissions in the atmosphere.

“A portion of every gallon that you’re pumping is going back into the community and investing in carbon reduction projects,” Nate Marsh, GreenPrint’s chief revenue officer, said. “You don’t have to drive an electric vehicle. You don’t have to do anything new at the pump.”

The Conserve™ program will also be taking it a step further by teaming up with our partner, Onondaga Earth Corps. You will be supporting local volunteer projects and sponsorships in our communities where we live, work, and play!