How to Make Your Road Trip Good for the Planet

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Taking a road trip can be a great way to travel during your summer vacation. You can go at your own pace and explore areas you would never see if you flew to your destination. Unfortunately, road trips can take a toll on the environment. Below is a list of tips on how to travel more responsibly and be more conscious about your impact on the environment. Try these suggestions to make your next road trip a little more green and sustainable.

Check your house before you leave: Before hitting the road, double check that you haven’t left anything on standby, and unplug appliances that may use up unnecessary electricity while you’re gone. Think about items like your TV, or your electric toothbrush that you keep plugged into the charger. You can be eco-friendly at home when you’re not even there!

Check on your car: Have your car inspected before leaving. Make sure there are no leaks and it’s running as efficiently as possible. Tires that are not filled to the correct level of pressure can use up more fuel. Be sure they’re filled correctly in order to reduce your carbon emissions. 

Use reusable containers: Reusable containers are a great investment when you’re eating on the road and want to store leftovers and reduce waste. Don’t forget about reducing your use of plastic utensils and cups. Try using reusable ones or ones that are biodegradable. 

Avoid straws: Along your road trip, you’ll most likely need to stop for a caffeine boost or enjoy a refreshing smoothie. When you do, be sure to request that your drink be served without a straw. Single-use plastic straws heavily pollute our environment and oceans. If you prefer to use straws, look into buying stainless steel reusable ones. They’re easy to find and not expensive!

Plan your route: Sometimes getting lost is fun and just part of the adventure. But if you’re trying to minimize your impact on the environment, driving around aimlessly can take a toll on your gas usage and wallet. Invest in efficient fuel, such as Circle K Conserve, to make even your fuel purchase a smart decision.

Watch your speed: It can be tempting to push the pedal to the metal on an open road, but this can cost you more in fuel. Fuel efficiency decreases greatly when hiking up your speed. It will also increase your carbon footprint and the total cost of your road trip if you get ticketed for speeding. Take advantage of the cruise control feature and keep your speed close to 60 MPH to get the most out of your tank. 

Open your windows: Avoid using air conditioning and heating when possible. Park in the shade and open your windows for some breeze to avoid the use of your gas-guzzling A/C. 

Use your legs: A road trip doesn’t have to be all about sitting and driving. Whenever possible, get out of your car and stretch. Exploring by foot is a great way to see new areas and get some exercise in. When you’re outside your car, always remember to recycle and properly dispose of trash. 

One of life’s greatest adventures is making the trip to a new destination. From sing-a-long songs, to stopping for roadside treats, to playing rounds of 21 questions, road trips are a fun and relatively inexpensive summer vacation. To make the most of your trip, remember to be conscious of the environment and reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible.