5 Products That Are Surprisingly Made From Recycled Materials

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The process of recycling has taken on a whole new meaning. Recycling isn’t just about putting old newspapers and empty cans in a bin. Today, companies are using recycled items to make their products, creating high quality and long-lasting products for their customers. You can find a variety of clothing, accessories and shoes that are made from 100 percent recycled materials. Manufacturers and retailers are working together to use all kinds of sustainable materials to become more sustainable by reducing waste and lowering carbon emissions. The next time you go shopping, check out these 100 percent recycled items. 

Shoes from Allbirds: This footwear company is known for making a variety of shoes from 100 percent recycled materials such as recycled cardboard, plastic and castor bean oil. Most of their sneakers also feature sheep’s wool, but the company works with sustainable farming and animal welfare groups to be sure that their livestock are well taken care of and are happy and healthy! Allbirds also use about 60 percent less energy during the manufacturing process as compared to companies that manufacture synthetic shoes. 

Bags from Looptworks: Looking for cute bags and accessories that are eco-friendly? Looptworks gets its name from “closed-loop” manufacturing which means only using recycled materials to create something new in the manufacturing process. This Portland company creates their products from materials that were heading straight to landfills. Using these materials significantly reduce the amount of garbage in the region and minimizes carbon emissions. 

Yoga mats from Suga: In the market for a new yoga mat? Suga makes high quality mats that are made from 100 percent recycled wetsuits. This innovative company that was started in Encinitas, California created a way to take the non-biodegradable material of wetsuits and transform it into stylish yoga mats. 

Watches from WeWood: This Italian watch company makes their wrist watches from lightweight and non-toxic wood. WeWood ensures that all wood materials are reclaimed so no trees are cut down in the manufacturing process. Additionally, for each watch that is sold, the company plants a tree, an initiative in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. 

Sunglasses from Sea2See: This inventive company markets their sustainable sunglasses to the environmentally conscious consumer. Sea2See uses recovered ocean plastic and turns the waste into fashionable sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection. Say goodbye to sea contamination and shop these trendy sunglasses!

It is easy to find products that are made of recycled materials today. Companies are making an effort to help better our environment and now it is up to us, as consumers to continue this eco-friendly movement and shop sustainable!