Proactively Cut Energy Costs to Prepare for the Winter Season

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The harsher winter months are quickly approaching and now is the best time to start preparing your home. Make your home more sustainable this winter to make efficient use of resources and energy, while limiting your impact on the environment. Making your home more sustainable ensures and promotes better quality of life, reduces waste, and lowers maintenance costs. Here are 5 ways to make your home more sustainable for the colder months ahead. 

Insulate your home: Insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside regardless of how cold or hot it gets outside. Adding insulation to your walls and flooring will help stop heat and cooling from passing in and out of the house. Properly insulating your home will also help you save a ton on energy bills year round. 

Be aware of drafts: Place a rolled towel over cracks under your doors to prevent cold air from rushing into your home. For old windows, use caulking along the edges to seal any open spaces and use double glazed window panes to help insulate. You can also try thermal blackout curtains if you don’t have the time or money to install double glazed windows. 

Buy a space heater: Space heaters are great for heating small spaces such as bedrooms and offices. Space heaters are not only a quick way to heat up your space in the winter, but they are energy efficient and affordable. If you live in a warmer area, this may be the perfect heating solution for the entire season. 

Heat your home with the sun: Utilizing the sun’s heat is the least expensive and cleanest way to heat your home all winter long. Being aware of the sun angles during the winter months and keeping the curtains open during the right times, will help you keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable setting. 

Be aware of light bulbs and outlets: To save energy all year, switch out your regular light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps or LED bulbs that use less energy. Also, be sure to unplug electrical items that are not being used. Unplugging appliances and other electric tools and devices will lower your monthly electric bill. 

Making your home more sustainable for the winter is a simple task and doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money. These simple improvements can make your home more sustainable and energy efficient all season long.