5 Effective (And Fun!) Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Holidays are a great excuse to celebrate, right? Earth Day should be no exception. Since it’s a new(ish) holiday, there really aren’t many Earth Day traditions. Yet.

Just like Christmas has trees and the Fourth has hot dogs, why not create some traditions for Earth Day? Instead of heading to the party store for plastic plates and decorations you’ll throw in the trash, try some of these fun, easy and completely green ways to celebrate.

  1. Make your yard an oasis
    Every garden contributes to a stable and healthy future for the planet. And did we mention gardening is fun? If you’ve always been meaning to start, let this year’s Earth Day be the push you need.

  1. Give your time and talents to organizations
    There are so many organizations working to create a sustainable future for the planet. Your local community can be a great source of information. Donate your time and talents to those that are actively seeking volunteers for at home or online opportunities. Due to social distancing, organizations like EarthDay.Org are going completely digital.
  1. Learn how to compost
    Composting is one of those things that we know has measurable benefits for the earth, like reduced waste in landfills. But how exactly do you do it? One idea is to ask folks in your neighborhood – you could use NextDoor or Facebook – to teach you how to compost, then give it a try in your own backyard.
  1. Adopt a stretch of highway
    If you’re a business owner, this is not only a great way to keep our communities green, it’s also a great way to promote your business. Sponsoring – or “adopting” – is a fairly simple process in most cities and towns and you don’t need much more than willing hands and some trash bags to make a visible difference.
  1. Get out of the house
    Yep, a simple but truly an effective way to celebrate. Even if you’re not actually doing much, just being outside in your yard or on your porch is a great way to remember what we’re actually working for.

While you create new traditions, make note of what works, what feels good, and what’s the most do-able. Before you know it, you may find yourself looking forward to next year’s “Earth Day season!”