Items You Wouldn’t Guess Are Draining Power in Your Home

Energy vampires are a real thing. They lurk in your homes, taking electricity even when off, if you leave them plugged into an outlet. Certain appliances and devices are especially guilty! Here are the biggest offenders you should consider unplugging when not in use.

Obvious offenders

Image Credit: Payless Power

The average home in the United States has more than 25 devices that draw vampire power. Do you know them all? The best way to identify obvious offenders is by looking at the cord of the device. Those that have a large, square plug that goes directly into an outlet and those that have a big, rectangular box in the middle of the cord both steal energy when just sitting idle. Other easy-to-recognize offenders are those devices with a stand-by feature. Devices in this category include:

  • Cell phone and computer chargers
  • Desktops – the screen
  • TVs
  • Stereos
  • Video game consoles
  • Printers

Sneaky stealers

Other devices are a little less obvious in their theft of your electricity. Many of these are guilty simply because they’re on all the time. You almost forget they’re constantly doing their job, or waiting to do their job, and using electricity to complete it. Devices that fit this profile, include:

  • Modems 
  • Microwaves
  • Garage door openers
  • Digital clocks
  • Coffeemakers

While some of these have to be left on all the time, others can easily get unplugged when not in use. Cutting back on the energy consumption of just a few of these devices can make a difference in your bill each month.

Stop energy theft

There is more than one way to stop energy vampires according to the US Department of Energy. It’s time to stop allowing these devices to steal your electricity.

  • When not in use, unplug these devices. Keeping just one game console plugged in for a year can cost you $36. Cut that down considerably by only plugging it in when you’re playing.
  • Create easy access to your plugs with a power bar. Flip a switch and they’re all “unplugged” although still connected. 
  • Replace old and broken devices with energy efficient options. Look for the energy star label when making new purchases.
  • Opt for sleep mode over screen savers when available for your devices. Especially for computers, this can be a huge energy saver.

Taking steps to establish a routine to conserve electricity should include addressing vampire devices. It’s just one way to make a small change that can lead to a bigger impact on the environment. Don’t let vampire devices get the best of you in your home.