Surviving and Thriving In A Colorado Winter

Winter is coming. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

Whether it’s your first Colorado winter or your fiftieth, it pays to take steps now to prepare for the coming season. Here are our best “get ready” tips. 

Get It In Gear

One of the notable things about Colorado winters is that conditions can change on a dime. So while you may enjoy a warmish day on the slopes, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter ice and snow on the road once the sun goes down. When planning an outing, check the DOT website. In certain conditions, the state requires drivers to have snow tires or all-wheel drive vehicles. 

You may want to have a mechanic look at your vehicle to make sure it’s road ready. If you’re new to the state and would like to feel better prepared on the roads, Colorado happens to have one of the best winter driving schools in the country. 

And since it’s better to be safe than sorry, make sure your vehicle is stocked with emergency supplies – and maybe a deck of cards or a board game in case the wait for assistance is long. 

Tend The Home Fires

When the temperature drops, power usage rises – sometimes quickly. Take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and knock out your list of home prep tasks; things like insulating your water heater, sealing up windows and checking your pipes. Start with this list from a Denver electrician.

With so many more layers, boots and other winter gear coming inside, you’ll be glad you took a few steps to declutter before winter really hits. Denver’s Closet and Storage Concepts has some great ideas for everything from making room for gear to prepping your kitchen for seasonal baking. 

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Colorado winters are famous for their broad range of temperatures so layering isn’t just a fun idea, it’s a must. But your basics don’t have to be boring. This winter, elevate your cold weather looks with Colorado-made winter apparel. Fort Collins shop Akinz handcrafts each cozy beanie in their store, and select styles of leggings are also stitched in-house. And if you’re a serious mountain trekker, check out the Made-in-CO technical outerwear at Freeride Systems.

Even though it requires a little extra preparation, winter in Colorado can be spectacular. As soon the glittering white stuff hits the ground, you’ll forget any inconvenience.