How Renewable Energy Plays a Role in Our Sustainability

With the Circle K Conserve Reduced Emissions program, every time you buy gas at the pump, you contribute to local environmental programs. In addition to partnering with organizations on things like tree-plantings and neighborhood cleanups, our Conserve program also includes fuel carbon offsets. 

But one of the sustainability initiatives we’re most proud of is that with Conserve, our stores are powered by 100% renewable energy! Investment in Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) completely offsets the energy usage of each store in the Conserve program. Now more than ever, it’s up to all of us to do our part to protect the planet. We understand the importance of our commitment to reduce energy consumption, conserve water, and manage waste responsibly and we take it seriously. Let’s keep working together and leave the planet better than we found it. 

There’s a lot of buzzwords flying around the renewable energy conversation, but what is its role in the climate conversation? Greenhouse gases have negative effects on community health as well as environmental wellbeing. These non-renewable sources contribute to global warming by trapping heat in. 

In order to combat this, Circle K is focusing their efforts on alternate solutions in the areas that are contributing the most to greenhouse gas emissions. There are many contributing factors to greenhouse gases in the global economy including, but not limited to transportation, agriculture, and power production – with transportation and electricity doing the bulk of the damage. We’ll take a look at energy solutions below. 

Investing in renewable energy is one of the most important steps to facilitate the global transition to clean energy. Renewable energy is energy harnessed from sources that are constantly being replenished, like sun, wind and water. Circle K Conserve is leading the charge in adapting renewable energy by evaluating their operations and identifying opportunities for alternate solutions. 

Not only does the investment in renewable energy help to reduce the prevalence of greenhouse emissions along with air pollutants, but the investment also helps to reduce the dependence on a sole source of energy – effectively diversifying the energy supply. Additionally, the development of the renewable energy sites can have economic impacts by providing jobs in manufacturing, installation and maintenance to the local community. Do your part and choose Circle K Conserve today! Find a location near you.