4 Small Steps to Live a More Sustainable Life

You know the saying about a journey of a thousand miles, right? How it starts with a single step? Well, when it comes to sustainability, we’d like to make one little change to that popular expression: the word “small.” Because the reality is that even the smallest steps can have an enormous impact toward protecting our planet. 

There are so many ways to make lifestyle swaps you’ll barely even notice. For example, when you use a reusable bag for one year, you replace an average of 500 single-use plastic bags. You’ll be helping to decrease plastic pollution and its harmful effects on human and ecosystem health – and we promise you won’t miss those bags. 

Another small step is to rethink your clothes-shopping habits. The fashion industry accounts for around 10% of greenhouse emissions from human activity. One of the biggest contributors to the problem is “fast fashion” – the trendy, cheap and practically disposable items the industry churns out every week. Instead of grabbing that poorly made t-shirt at the next “blowout” sale, consider investing in pieces that will last. Or simply taking better care of the clothing you own so that it lasts longer. It’s not for everyone, but thrift and consignment shopping is another easy way to minimize your fashion footprint. 

When you think about steps toward a healthier planet, the food on your plate may not be your first thought. But small dietary changes are another simple, painless way to impact your local community as well as communities around the world. Giving up meat just one day a week cuts your consumption by 15% and dramatically lessens the environmental impacts of food production and transport. Meatless Monday is a worldwide campaign with tons of resources to help you plan meatless meals that are both delicious and satisfying. 

Small steps are one thing but there’s even an area where you can make a big impact without doing anything differently. Every time you fill up your tank with Circle K Conserve, you’re supporting important efforts to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere through investment in carbon reduction projects. Conserve also partners with local non-profit organizations to reduce emissions, revitalize our communities and protect our planet. To date, Conserve has offset over 476 million gallons of fuel! 

While the world is waking up to the urgency of protecting the planet, we’ve still got a lot of “single steps” in front of us. Remember that those steps can be small and still make a big – and important – difference.