East Mesa & Apache Junction: Help Us Choose Our Next Project!

We’re excited to share some great news. And while we’re at it, we’d like to invite you to a little friendly competition!

First the news: September 1st, we’re launching 11 Conserve locations in East Mesa and Apache Junction. We are excited to partner with the  Arizona Sustainability Alliance and come alongside them in their mission to protect our environment and promote sustainable living. With these new locations, the Conserve program can make an even bigger difference in the communities we serve – like yours.

Conserve is committed to making an impact locally and on the planet by offsetting emissions on every gallon you pump. Simply find a participating Circle K Conserve location near you and continue to pump the same high-quality fuel as always. We offset your tank’s emissions by investing in certified carbon reduction projects. We also partner with local non-profit organizations to revitalize our communities and together we reduce emissions and protect our planet. 

Now more than ever, where you fill up will make a difference in our communities because you have a choice. Here’s how the “friendly competition” works:

  • Head to one of the 11 Conserve locations near you. 
  • While you fill up, look for the QR code on the pump and scan it with your phone camera.
  • Vote for the community project you want to see Circle K Conserve invest in, right here in East Mesa and Apache Junction! 

Your choice will direct funds to support more green spaces, water conservation and shade canopy in our communities.

We’re grateful to be able to positively impact communities like East Mesa and Apache Junction. Choose Circle K Conserve and choose your community!