Sustainability Tips To Make The Holidays A Little Happier

We can’t be the only ones especially excited to celebrate the holidays this year. As we look forward to the songs, the decorating, the gift-giving, and the baking (oh, the baking!) we’re also focusing on how we can go a little greener this year. We all share responsibility for the planet and it’s easy to take small measures toward the greater good. 

One simple way to make a difference in the health of the planet is by planning how you’ll celebrate the holidays a little more sustainably this year. We’ve got a few ideas to get you started. 

Greener Decor

Do yourself a favor and get some live greenery this year. The scent of fresh pine and fir is intoxicating! Once the holidays are over, it’s easy to take apart your swag, remove the wires and compost the branches. Using live greenery in your holiday decor is not only good for the planet, it’s a chic, sophisticated way to decorate your home for the holidays. 


Artificial trees seem like a good, eco-friendly idea. But an artificial tree, no matter how long-lasting, eventually ends up in the landfill. And while many communities now provide tree recycling options, too many of those end up on the curb, too. This year, try a potted tree. They can be replanted after the holidays. If you don’t want to commit (or don’t have a green thumb) you can find a good home for your tree through buy, sell, and trade groups on Facebook or in your neighborhood. 

If you go with a traditional cut tree, it’s easy to compost after the holidays. Click here to compost in Syracuse and click here to tree-cycle in Tucson. 

Planet-Friendly Packaging 

For this year’s gift wrap, get creative. Baskets, jars, and even small clay pots make gift-giving festive. Reusable holiday gift bags can be just as cute as traditional paper, with none of the waste. You could also wrap a gift in a colorful scarf for double the gifting. You might even try a classic and wrap your gifts in newspaper – if you can find one! 

Celebrate the holidays in style while lessening any negative effects on the environment. And you may even find this attention to our sustainability makes your holidays a little more meaningful.