Supporting the Local Tucson Community

Offsetting the byproducts related to a company is just one way to get involved environmentally. Looking to support efforts within the local community is another huge way to make a significant impact. It all leads back to one purpose though, saving the planet for future generations.

At Circle K, the Conserve program allows you to pump your gas like normal and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. By filling up at a Circle K Conserve station, you’re automatically offsetting up to 30 percent of your car’s emissions. By investing in carbon reduction projects, Circle K Conserve helps you help the atmosphere in your own community and around the world.

Expanding on these efforts, Circle K Conserve also works with local volunteer groups to increase impact. Within the Tucson community, we’re partnering with non-profits to create positive environmental effects where our customers can see them the most.

Meet some of our Tucson teammates.

Tucson Clean & Beautiful

Working in Tucson and eastern Pima County to enhance the quality of life through environmental improvements and the conservation of natural resources, Tucson Clean & Beautiful has been working locally for almost 40 years.

Emphasizing personal action in recycling and waste reduction, land stewardship, and urban forestry and beautification, there are a variety of ways to get involved.

Through the organization, you can purchase low-cost trees to plant in your own backyard and community spaces. For volunteer opportunities, you can get involved in an existing project, or even adopt a local site along with your neighborhood or business colleagues.

Trees for Tucson

One ongoing campaign from Tucson Clean & Beautiful is Trees for Tucson. Partnering with Trees for Tucson, Circle K Conserve has already planted almost 90 trees with the support of 135 local volunteers.

Working in both Pueblo Gardens and Barrio Anita, this specific campaign gets involved in neighborhoods with 10 percent or less tree canopy cover. By offering households in these areas two free trees each to plant, heat-vulnerable neighborhoods are able to get some much-needed shade. Additionally, all those new trees will help cool the air over time. 

Reid Park Zoo

A 24-acre, city-owned and operated, non-profit, Reid Park Zoo has more than 500 animals to visit. Since conservation is a big part of everything they do, partnering with Circle K Conserve gave them an opportunity to look at carbon emissions.

Together, the zoo and Circle K offset 10,000 pounds of carbon in 2020, and through this partnership, the emissions of the zoo’s three vans are offset by 100 percent.

Additional conservation projects at the zoo include recycling programs, composting food waste, supporting sustainable food products, reclaiming water, reducing single-use plastic, and more. The zoo also takes advantage of solar arrays to save and produce energy, and has multiple green buildings on site.

Power in numbers

Working with these local partners gives Circle K Conserve the opportunity to do more when it comes to offsetting the carbon released by vehicles, as well as get more carbon-absorbing trees into the ground. In the desert, that’s no small feat. 

Each volunteer opportunity and project supported all achieve the same purpose of making our air a little cleaner and leaving the community a little bit better off than it was yesterday.

A community that’s ready to grow

Tucson is only one area where local partnerships between volunteer organizations and Circle K are growing. We’re also working in New York and other Arizona communities to support efforts that can make a positive impact. From tree planting to park rejuvenations and more, there’s no limit to how Circle K gets involved, and we’re thankful for the partners we are able to support.