It’s Easy to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Every year one billion people are mobilized into action on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day. Today, over 190 countries participate and the average person has a much deeper understanding about their specific impact on the world around us.

It all had to start somewhere though, and it wasn’t too long ago that there was no Earth Day. The global change shows how far we’ve come, and how fast. But, you don’t have to wait for one day to roll around each year to honor the planet, and do some good. 

It can be Earth Day every day.

Where it all began

The very first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970. This date is now associated with the birth of the modern environmental movement. However, it all started with two congressmen and a plan for a teach-in.

Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, and Congressman Pete McCloskey, partnered with Denis Hayes, an activist, to organize a teach-in. April 22 became the date because of where it fell on the calendar. Smack between Spring Break and finals, it guaranteed the most student participation across college campuses. 

The appeal of this plan immediately set more into motion, and soon a national staff of 85 were promoting the event to a wide range of organizations. This is when Earth Day officially came into being and was such a powerful event that the national media covered it.

Going global in 1990, Earth Day took a huge step forward and gave worldwide recycling efforts a massive boost. From there, the United Nations hosted an Earth Summit and things have continued to change as awareness of how each person can fight for a cleaner environment continues.

What you can do to help

Each year Earth Day centers around one theme. This year, it’s about investing in our planet. This is definitely something you can do each and every day with a few simple acts, including:

Growing a garden 

Not only will this beautify a little space and help clean the air, but if you decide to grow a vegetable garden, you’re providing food for yourself that never had to use gasoline to travel on a truck to a grocery store, or get wrapped in plastic packaging. You’re eating something you grew yourself and helping the planet in so many ways.

Reducing waste 

Of course recycling is a key way to reduce waste, but you can also look at other methods. Composting is a great way to reduce food waste from going into landfills (and it gives you great material for your garden). You can also reduce waste by taking a closer look at how your food is packaged. Purchasing more products in recyclable packages, or from businesses with sustainable packaging practices, can make a difference too.

Partnering with an environmental organization

A lot of organizations will offer up special events for Earth Day, but that does not mean you only have to give your time that one day. If you find an organization you love or a cause you’re passionate about, give it attention all year round. Stay informed, share what you learn with others, and continue spending time making an impact in your local community.

Every day should be Earth Day

Making small adjustments to your everyday life and habits is one of the best ways to positively impact the environment on a regular basis. It’s how you conserve, recycle, reuse, and more. It’s even where you shop. Finding businesses that are thinking about the environment as well is another great way to honor Earth Day every day. By consciously purchasing products that come from a business doing their part, you’re taking your small, at-home acts and making them reach much further.

Where you buy your gas is a great example of how to do this. If all you have to do is fill up your tank, and you instantly make the world a little bit better, wouldn’t you want to do it? At all participating Circle K Conserve locations, that’s exactly what happens.

When you fill-up your tank, 30 percent of your car’s emissions are offset through certified carbon reduction projects. This helps take this harmful gas out of our atmosphere. Circle K also partners with local nonprofits to help revitalize communities.

Taking the time to shop responsibly, and think environmentally when at home, can make every day Earth Day. It can give you the ability to contribute to positive change, one small step at a time.