Ways Home Automation Helps You Live Greener

With technology the way it is today, it’s possible to have a home that’s safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Taking advantage of the ways you can automate various functions within your home, you can not only control things like the AC and lights with the ease of an app, but you can pre-program settings to help you live greener.

All this new tech isn’t lying when it claims to be ‘smart.’ It can help you check all the boxes when it comes to running the systems in your home.

Remote control anything that plugs in

It’s not uncommon to have that one lamp you forget to turn off every time you leave the house. You walk back in after a day at work, realize you left the living room lamp on, and are annoyed at all the energy you wasted. Fix this problem with a smart plug.

A smart plug goes between your electrical device and the outlet. It’s like the middle man only using it gives you remote control of whatever is plugged into it. From an app on your phone, you can now control that device. This makes it really easy to turn off that pesky lamp remotely, but there are also other applications.

You can use it to shut off those appliances that secretly guzzle electricity even when they’re not running. Instead of unplugging your coffee maker, TV, gaming console, etc. every time you leave the house, switch off the plug from your phone. No more vampire appliances running up your electricity bill.

Integrate your blinds

Cords on blinds are annoying. They break, can be a safety hazard, and don’t always look nice. What if you could lose the cords and automate your window shades at the same time? Well, you can. 

Automated blinds are a great way to ensure your home uses energy more efficiently. Some will integrate into your existing smart system, while others work from their own app. Either way, you can schedule when your blinds open and close or use an existing routine that works in conjunction with the sun.

Ideally, you want to keep the blinds closed during the day in the summer, when the hot sun makes your AC work extra hard. Conversely, you also want to keep your blinds open during the day in the winter to allow the sunlight to warm up your home and give your heater a break. These opposing needs are hard to keep track of if you’re manually raising and lowering your blinds, which also means you might not have the most sustainable house when it comes to energy consumption. 

Making your blinds a little more intelligent remedies the situation. 

Install smarter light bulbs

It seems like everything is connected to an app these days, and light bulbs are no exception. If you’d like to control your overhead lighting even when you’re not at home, get smarter light bulbs

Not only can you turn lights on and off from your phone, but you can control the brightness. Say you were going out for the evening but didn’t want to come home to a dark house. You’re not sure what time you’ll be home, so you really can’t put any lights on a timer. Rather than have to leave a light on the whole time you’re gone, automated light bulbs let you tap them on as you’re pulling into your garage or getting out of your Uber. You can turn on the exact lights you want at the exact time, saving energy along the way.

Smarten up the heart of your home

All of these little automations won’t amount to much without smartening up the center of your home, your thermostat. A smart thermostat takes the device in your home that really does use up the bulk of the energy and greatly reduces waste. You could save hundreds of dollars per year with a smart thermostat.

By regulating temperatures within the home, your smart thermostat puzzles out how to keep you the most comfortable while also working the most efficiently. It’s inexpensive and efficient when it comes to helping you live greener. With the right settings, you won’t even have to think about it to know it’s working. 

Live greener inside and outside the home

Automating your home just a little can really make an impact when it comes to your carbon footprint. Consuming less energy reduces that footprint big time.

To keep the theme of living greener going once you leave home, be conscientious about the products you use. Some companies put a lot of effort into sustainability, others don’t. 
Circle K makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint simply by filling up your gas tank. The Conserve program automatically offsets 30 percent of your car’s emissions by investing in certified carbon reduction projects. You’re able to live greener simply by filling your car with fuel. That, combined with your automated, greener home will make quite an impact.