Keep it Green When RV-ing

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If that bright sun begs you to hop into your RV this summer and hit the road, we get it. There’s nothing like a warm-weather road trip to bring the family to new places, and riding out in an RV means no hotels to worry about.

There are 11.2 million RV-owning households in the United States. This number shows a massive increase in RV ownership over the last 20 years. Not only are more people owning an RV, but a wider variety of owners are opting for this special vehicle. While there used to be a ‘typical RVer,’ today this mode of travel is enjoyed by everyone.

Driving across the country in your RV may make those concerned with sustainable practices struggle with how to keep it green on the road. How do you translate your sustainable activities from home to your home on wheels? Here are a few things you can do.

Conserve energy

Just like you swapped out all your lightbulbs at home for more energy-efficient options, you can take steps to make sure your RV operates at full efficiency. 

Keeping your RV engine well-tuned, and taking the vehicle in for its oil changes and regular maintenance can help you conserve RV energy and even reduce your RVs emissions.

You can also help reduce energy output by working with what nature throws at you. On those super sunny, hot summer days, try to park your RV in the shade. Shading your RV from the sun means it’s not working as hard to cool the vehicle off.

Save water

Just like you turn off your faucets when brushing your teeth, or time your showers to keep them short and sweet, minimizing water use on the road is better for the environment.

Many RV toilets and in-vehicle washing machines actually use less water than your versions at home, so you’re already a little ahead of the game. Even with these features, it’s still best to keep your RV showers short and use water as efficiently as possible.

Practice green cleaning

Just like your home does, your RV will get dirty. In fact, you may find yourself cleaning your RV more simply because it’s a smaller space everyone is sharing. Buying green cleaning supplies to keep on board means you’re using products that won’t harm the environment.

Even better, staying in your RV means there’s no hotel room that’s getting cleaned daily, most likely by less-than-friendly products when it comes to the environment.

To take the green cleaning up a notch, don’t forget to recycle the cleaning bottles, or pick a product whose containers are reusable.

Shop local

When you’re on the road, you can’t take advantage of that great vegetable garden you planted in your backyard. That’s okay though. Tell your neighbors to help themselves to the fruit of your labors, and make an effort to buy local wherever you are.

Although it may be tempting to bulk up at those big box stores, leave a few things off that list and shop local vendors wherever you stop. You’ll not only support local businesses, but those items used less fuel and energy to get to you. They didn’t have to travel as far.

Fuel up efficiently

The average RV gets around 6-10 miles per gallon. This means you’re going to have to fill up quite a bit on your road trip. Where you fuel up can be a green choice if you know where to go.

At Circle K, pumping fuel does something more. Through the Circle K Conserve program, up to 30 percent of your RV’s carbon emissions are offset through investments in certified carbon reduction projects. All you have to do is pull into a Circle K Conserve station and fill up your tank.

With the right gas and an eye on conserving energy and water, you can take your summer RV-ing experience into the green.