Create a Greener Workout Routine

Someone who exercises is concerned about their body. They take care of it by creating a routine that helps keep them in shape and promotes wellness. These same sentiments can transfer over to how you approach the environment as well.

Taking all the things you do regularly, and making them just a little greener helps keep the environment in shape, and when you make your workout routine a little greener, it shows that you care about the wellness of the world in addition to your own.

It’s not that hard to modify your workout routine to include greener practices, and these tips can get you started on the right path.

Ditch the equipment and head outside

Spending time outside in the sun has a variety of benefits. It not only puts you out in the soothing realm of nature, but it reminds you why the outdoors is something we should work hard to preserve. You’ll also get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, which can help you maintain strong bones, reduce inflammation and help control infections.

Outside exercises to consider:

  • Walking 
  • Running 
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics

You can create your own routine that includes a little from all these areas as well, using yoga to warm up and cool down, walk before a run to raise your heart rate, and a series of aerobic activities, like jumping jacks, squats, and more to work all your muscles.

Be picky about your workout tools

Even if your workout includes equipment, there is a greener way to buy it. If you can’t find items made with green materials from the start, consider buying some that are gently used. You’ll often find equipment for sale on neighborhood community sites or even the usual for-sale apps.

When looking at companies who make workout equipment too, it’s not always about what the items are made of, it’s also about what the brand does. If you find a brand that invests in green initiatives, as they’re streamlining their manufacturing process to be more environmentally friendly, you want to consider supporting them too.

Get a reusable water bottle

Hydration is so important when you work out. The more intense you exercise, and the hotter your environment, the more likely your risk of dehydration. When getting ready to work out, it’s suggested that you start drinking water well in advance. Start with 15-20 ounces an hour before your workout, then another 8-10 ounces 15 minutes before. As you’re exercising, try to drink eight ounces every 15 minutes.

To do this responsibly, when it comes to the environment, invest in a reusable water bottle. Stop buying disposable plastic that you just toss out. Even if you recycle, there’s an easy way to avoid this waste. Metal water bottles in particular help keep water cool for long periods of time, making it that much more refreshing as you sweat through your workout.

Make your own after-workout snack

Avoiding disposable packaging when thinking about that after-workout snack is yet another small step that positively impacts the environment. Like with the water bottle, you can make less trash. Instead of buying granola bars or packages of trail mix to snack on once your workout is over, reach for some fresh fruit. Not only is there no plastic packaging, but any rinds or pits are biodegradable. 

If granola or protein bars are your thing, try and find a recipe and DIY your post-workout snack. Prep in bulk and then carry a serving with you in a reusable pouch or Tupperware container.

Refresh with a quick shower

We all need to cool off and rinse off that sweat after a workout, but a long, invigorating shower can waste a lot of water. That’s why thy keyword here is quick when thinking about how to make this final step of your workout more green. 

The average showerhead releases 2.1 gallons per minute when running. That’s almost 159 bottles of water for a 10-minute shower. Shaving off 3-5 minutes of that shower means saving a lot of water, and less water waste is better for the environment. 

Take your green workout further

When you’ve managed to make each step of your workout process a little greener, what comes next is extending that purpose further. Think about what you do when you’re totally done working out. Do you head to work? Do you start running errands and begin your day? Both of these actions require your car, a known culprit when it comes to putting harmful emissions into the air.

However, you can make driving greener too. With Circle K Conserve, fueling up at a participating location means you’re offsetting up to 30 percent of your car’s CO2 emissions. Picking the right gas stations means a big impact when it comes to the environment, enabling you to take care of the world around you when you’re driving from Point A to Point B in the same way you’re helping the world through your greener workout.