Personal Responsibility

Create a Greener Workout Routine

July 28, 2022

Someone who exercises is concerned about their body. They take care of it by creating a routine that helps keep them in shape and promotes wellness. These same sentiments can transfer over to how you approach the environment as well. Taking all the things you do regularly, and making them […]

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Ways Home Automation Helps You Live Greener

May 31, 2022

With technology the way it is today, it’s possible to have a home that’s safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Taking advantage of the ways you can automate various functions within your home, you can not only control things like the AC and lights with the ease of an app, but you […]

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It’s Easy to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

March 31, 2022

Every year one billion people are mobilized into action on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day. Today, over 190 countries participate and the average person has a much deeper understanding about their specific impact on the world around us. It all had to start somewhere though, and it wasn’t too […]

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Supporting the Local Tucson Community

February 28, 2022

Offsetting the byproducts related to a company is just one way to get involved environmentally. Looking to support efforts within the local community is another huge way to make a significant impact. It all leads back to one purpose though, saving the planet for future generations. At Circle K, the […]

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Setting 2022 Goals That Help The World

January 3, 2022

Any time a new year starts we all begin thinking about what we can do differently. It’s how the tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions came about. While most are personal and about how we can improve ourselves, maybe this year, instead of looking inward, we look outward. Rather than […]

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5 Ways to Travel More Sustainably

June 29, 2021

At the heart of Circle K Conserve is our commitment to supporting our communities. We invest in local neighborhoods and work together to make a positive environmental impact in our communities. And with every gallon you purchase, we make investments in certified carbon reduction projects designed to pull carbon dioxide […]

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Spring Into Sustainable Eating

May 27, 2021

For most of us, the presence of Spring includes not just the return of fresh air and sunshine but also a return to lighter, fresher meals. Comfort casseroles are delicious but as the days get longer, it feels good to take advantage of the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. […]

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4 Small Steps to Live a More Sustainable Life

May 27, 2021

You know the saying about a journey of a thousand miles, right? How it starts with a single step? Well, when it comes to sustainability, we’d like to make one little change to that popular expression: the word “small.” Because the reality is that even the smallest steps can have […]

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Want A Stronger Community? Shop Local

February 26, 2021

We all know about the economic benefits of shopping locally – creating local jobs, supporting the community, etc. But there are numerous environmental benefits, too.  When you buy from a large chain, the items are often made far outside of your community, sometimes even halfway across the world. That means […]

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Reset Your Resolutions For A Greener New Year

December 21, 2020

Who can resist making at least a few New Year’s resolutions? Like buying school supplies in September, it’s exciting to feel like you’re getting a fresh start. This year, add a twist to your resolutions by making changes that lead to a healthier home, a healthier you and a healthier […]

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