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5 Effective (And Fun!) Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 9, 2020

Holidays are a great excuse to celebrate, right? Earth Day should be no exception. Since it’s a new(ish) holiday, there really aren’t many Earth Day traditions. Yet. Just like Christmas has trees and the Fourth has hot dogs, why not create some traditions for Earth Day? Instead of heading to […]

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Revamp Your Spring Cleaning With Homemade Alternatives

February 16, 2020

After a stuffy, cold winter, spring cleaning is the breath of fresh air that you and your entire house needs. This year, stay away from harsh chemicals and use cleaning products and methods that are safe for your family and eco-friendly. Here are 4 spring cleaning tips that can give […]

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How to Save Money by Reducing Waste in Your Home

October 9, 2019

Making your home more eco-friendly will not only help you contribute to our environment but it can also save you a lot of money. It’s easy to make small everyday changes in your home that can greatly impact sustainability. Here are 5 simple changes to make your household more green.  […]

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Transform Your Backyard Into a Thriving Greenhouse

September 3, 2019

Every gardener dreams about owning a backyard greenhouse, to provide the perfect environment for their plants, flowers and growing vegetables. A greenhouse also allows you to get a head start on spring planting and to extend the growing season well into the fall. Unfortunately, traditional greenhouses can be quite expensive […]

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eco-friendly pet owner

5 Ways to Be a More Responsible Pet Owner– For the Planet & Your Furry Friend

August 1, 2019

Today everyone is making more of an effort to live a green lifestyle. So why not incorporate your eco-friendly habits and techniques into the care of your pet? How you treat your pets, how you feed them, and how you clean up after them have a sizable impact on the […]

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how to backyard garden

6 Steps to Jumpstart Your Green Thumb With Ease

August 1, 2019

Gardening is not only a fun activity but it provides you with fresh produce in the convenience of your own yard. Have you always wanted to start your own garden, but you’re not sure where to begin? Get ready to spend time outdoors this summer and enjoy some of the […]

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eco-friendly grilling

Grill Green This Summer Season

June 26, 2019

Summer is here and there’s nothing more fun than firing up the grill with your friends and family! For a healthier and more earth-friendly experience, try making your grilling more green by making a few changes to the way you grill and the kinds of products you buy. Try out […]

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