Congratulations to the EarthHeart Park Clean Up project on being selected!

Thank you for helping us choose a community project! Through the Conserve program, you can continue to make an impact locally and on the planet by filling up at Circle K.

Our Partner


Arizona Sustainability Alliance

The Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA) is a 501(c)3 nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that creates and supports cutting-edge, project-based sustainability solutions in Arizona. Through civic engagement, collaboration, and education, AZSA empowers Arizonans to work together towards more livable, equitable and sustainable communities.

AZSA projects and programs are high-impact, focusing on building capacity in low-income communities through five priority areas: sustainable food systems, renewable energy, urban forestry, conservation, and cities. Three themes crosscut AZSA: youth, education, and workforce development.


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AZSA photo 3
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