Iyidere River Hydroelectric Power Project

Cevizlik Run-of-River Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Cevizlik Hydroelectric Project consists of the construction of a Greenfield 93 MW run-of-river hydroelectric power plant located in the Iyidere river basin, in Turkey’s Eastern Blacksea Region. The plant has been designed to generate electricity by utilizing the 230 m of head between the tailwater level of the upstream existing Ikizdere HEPP and the Kalkandere HEPP project. The project activity is the biggest size run-off-river project ever realised in Turkey considering its installed capacity and first of its kind as it is constructed underground without any upstream reservoir lake.The main purpose of the project is to generate approximately 335 GWh/year of electricity to supply the national grid using a renewable resource and tapping the significant hydropower potential in the region. The project activity reduces greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions that would have otherwise occurred in the absence of the project activity by avoiding electricity generation from fossil fuel sources. The average annual emission reductions of the proposed Project are estimated to be 187.471 tonnes of CO2e (tCO2e).

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Rize Province, Turkey

Estimated Annual Emissions Reduction:



Verra Verified Carbon Standard


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